Does Your Small Business Need Fiber Internet?

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What is fiber internet for business?

Fiber-optic internet is an advanced business solution that can help take your business operations to the next level. 

Fiber internet is a type of technology that transmits data by sending light along thin glass fibers. Most business owners enjoy fiber-optic internet because it can easily transport large amounts of data and support multiple signals at a time—giving them a leg up against the competition.

4 Benefits of Fiber Internet

The business world is booming and business owners need fast and reliable internet to keep up with day-to-day demands and accurately meet the needs of their customers. A fiber internet connection from CenturyLink Business can provide just that, and then some! Let’s go over the key benefits together.

With fiber internet for your small business you can:

Do more without compromising on speed.

Unlike cable or wireless internet, fiber internet allows users to work at high capacity without compromising on speed. While cable internet typically sees speeds between 20 Mbps and 100 Mbps, fiber internet can typically reach speeds of up to 940Mbps. 

Fiber networks also have lower latency which means users experience minimal lag time during the transfer of data between their devices and service provider. Latency can show itself through choppy connections or slow speeds on applications that require data transfer such as video conference calls or file sharing. 

With fiber internet your small business can maintain blazing fast speeds allowing you to easily meet the demands of your customers. 

Match your upload and download speeds.

Download speed refers to the amount of  megabits (Mbps) per second it takes your server to download data to your device(s). Common forms of downloads are files, videos, images, and text. Upload speed, on the other hand, is the speed your Internet connection requires to accurately send data from one device to another or to the Internet. A fast upload speed is great for virtual conference calls, live streaming videos, cloud storage, and frequently sending large files over the Internet.

Having fast download and upload speeds can take your small business operations to the next level. Not only will in-house tasks be easier to complete, you’ll also enhance your interactions with vendors and customers.

Increase your connection reliability.

Are you coming to your wits end with network slowdowns and dropped calls? Unlike cable internet, which can be prone to service hiccups, fiber gives you the reliability you need for your small business. The dependability of fiber internet lies solely in its makeup. While a cable connection transfers data directly through a coaxial cable, or coax cable, fiber transmits data using pulses of light that travel across fiber cables at speeds close to the speed of light.

Fiber optics can typically handle more users and more data at consistently higher speeds. Instead of constantly worrying about your internet connection failing, you can focus more on closing the deals that matter. 

Improve your VoIP connections.

In an attempt to become more cloud based, many small business owners have switched from landline phones to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones. If you’ve made this change for your business, you’re relying on an internet connection for your voice communications. That’s why it’s so important to have both a fast and reliable internet connection.

With CenturyLink small business fiber-optic services, your VoIP service will have the same clear signal as your business internet service. Having fiber there to support in every aspect isn’t just convenient, it’s a smart business decision.

How CenturyLink Small Business can support you

Looking to switch to CenturyLink Business fiber internet for your small business? Find a plan that works here!

Do I need fiber internet?

While fiber internet isn’t a necessity, it’s a powerful asset to have. From its reliability to simultaneous download and upload speeds fiber internet has it all. Call 1-888-511-1099 to learn more!

How fast is fiber-optic internet?

Fiber internet can reach speeds of up to 940Mbps.

Is fiber internet better than a cable connection?

Whether or not fiber is better than a traditional cable connection depends largely on the needs of your business. To speak with a member of our customer support team and review your options call 1-888-511-1099.

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