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CenturyLink Business Speed Test

How fast is your internet? Find out with this free internet speed test.

Boost your internet speed with CenturyLink Business Internet.

Pick the perfect speed to fit your business needs with a CenturyLink Business Internet plan.

Small Business Fiber Internet - Up to 200 Mbps

$ 30.00/mo.
  • Speed up to 200 Mbps
  • No annual contract, no cancellation or activation fees.

Small Business Fiber Internet - Up to 940Mbps

$ 70.00/mo.
  • Speed up to 940 Mbps
  • No annual contract, no cancellation or activation fees.

CenturyLink Speed Test Tool

Check your internet’s performance with this free internet speed test tool.

Want faster internet speeds?

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CenturyLink Business Internet

Get the speed and bandwidth to match your business needs with CenturyLink Business Internet. From browsing the internet to running multiple servers, CenturyLink Business has an internet plan to handle any business task and keep work moving at full speed.

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CenturyLink Residential Internet

Stream, browse, chat, and play online without interruption with CenturyLink Residential internet. Keep the whole family connected on multiple devices with Wi-Fi powered by a CenturyLink home internet plan.

Tips for checking your internet speed.

Restart your modem and router.

To ensure your CenturyLink internet speed test is as accurate as possible, restart your modem and router. This fresh start will restore them to full working capacity.

Turn off connected devices and apps.

Every device that is connected to your internet uses bandwidth and slows your internet speed. Before starting the internet connection speed test, disconnect or turn off any connected devices, including phones, computers, and smart home devices.

Pause all downloads.

Make sure your computer isn’t downloading any files or updates that would use up bandwidth while you run the internet speed test. Check for apps or downloads running in the background with the Task Manager or Activity Monitor.

Connect to your modem before you test.

Wi-Fi is usually not as fast as a wired connection, so before you test your internet speed, connect your computer directly to your modem with an ethernet cable.

Conduct multiple speed tests.

An internet connection speed test will only tell you how fast your internet is at that moment, not how fast it is consistently. Run multiple speed tests at different times throughout the day to get a more complete picture.

FAQ about CenturyLink Internet speed test

How does a speed test work?

An internet speed test measures how quickly a piece of digital information can be sent back and forth from your computer and the nearest server. This measurement is called your “ping.” It also measures how quickly your computer can download and upload data, which are your download and upload speeds.

How do I test my internet speed?

Take our CenturyLink speed test to find out your connection’s speed, and use these tips for checking your internet speed to ensure an accurate test.

How fast is my CenturyLink Business Internet connection?

Your CenturyLink Business Internet speed will vary depending on which plan you have. You can test your internet connection speed with this CenturyLink speed test tool.

How fast is CenturyLink Business Internet in my area?

There are several different CenturyLink Business Internet plans, each with different speeds. Find out which CenturyLink Business Internet speeds are available in your area.

What is a good business internet speed?

The best internet speed for your business depends on what types of tasks you need to accomplish with your connection and how many devices will be connected.

What is ping?

Your connection’s ping, also known as latency, is a measurement of the amount of time it takes to send and receive information from your computer to a remote server. If you have low latency it means your device can quickly send and receive information.

What are download speeds?

Download speed is a measurement of how quickly data can be downloaded from the internet. This number is usually used to define an internet connection’s overall speed.

What are upload speeds?

Upload speed is a measurement of how quickly data can be uploaded from your device to the internet. Upload speeds are important for backing up data in cloud storage and sending large files.

What can affect my upload and download speeds?

Upload and download speeds can fluctuate depending on how you are using your connection. Here are some ways to help keep your internet speeds high:

  • Reduce the number of connected devices
  • Use a wired connection
  • Reset your router often
  • Exit apps when you’re not using them
  • Update device software and browsers
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