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Support your employees with CenturyLink Business Customer Service

When it comes to supporting your organization's internet and phone needs, CenturyLink Business means business. Call now to shop for new services or speak with a customer service representative.

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Combine CenturyLink Business Internet and Phone

Interested in bundling CenturyLink Business internet and phone? Check out CenturyLink Business internet and phone bundle options, which are available at the following speeds and prices:

Internet + Voice

$ 90.00/mo.
  • Speed up to 100 Mbps
    Speed may not be available in your area.
  • Unlimited local and nationwide long-distance calling
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Are you an existing CenturyLink Business customer?

The CenturyLink Business Control Center is the hub for your business services. Within the portal, you can submit repair tickets, access CenturyLink Business bill pay, view CenturyLink business hours, and manage accounts for your organization.

Oversee business operations, keep track of services, and monitor costs at the office or on the go. With CenturyLink Business Control Center, you can easily manage your business anywhere there’s an internet connection. Access your Business Control Center portal by signing in here.

Have questions about your package or bill? Call our Centurylink business customer service number 855-891-4083. Or, if you’d rather pay your bill online, you can do so securely with the CenturyLink Business Quick Bill Pay Portal. Read more about how CenturyLink Business protects your information on our privacy policy page.

CenturyLink Small Business Services

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How fast is your internet? Take our speed test to find out.

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CenturyLink provides business connections nationwide.

VoIP Phone and Laptop


Bring versatility to the office – Bundle Phone + Internet.

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CenturyLink Business - service you can count on

We’re here to support your business needs. With CenturyLink Business, you can request CenturyLink Business internet and phone repairs, easily connect with knowledgeable technical support agents, and access 24/7 customer support—with minimal wait times.

Convenient self-help options are also available. Troubleshoot internet problems, activate internet services, and more. Read more about how CenturyLink Business internet and CenturyLink Business phone can keep your organization connected.

CenturyLink Business customer service questions

What is the CenturyLink Business customer service phone number?

We are here to help! Give us a call at 800-871-9244 with any questions you may have. For technical support, please call 800-954-1211.

How do I log in to my CenturyLink Business account?

Manage your business services by logging into your Control Center portal. For additional support, please call 800-350-1044.

Where can I access CenturyLink Business Quick Bill Pay?

To make safe and secure payments on your account, log in to your Quick Bill Pay portal using your account number or billing phone number. Within the portal, you can schedule auto payments, view your account balance, and more. For additional support, please call 800-954-1211 or use our online live chat feature.

Is CenturyLink Business available in my area?

To see if CenturyLink Business is available in your area, check availability here or call 1-855-523-2533.

What are upload and download speed?

Upload and download speeds are what define internet plans.

Businesses plans typically have upload speeds equal to their download speeds to keep employees and customers connected with minimal lag. Depending on the size of your business the speed of internet you need can vary.

Check out our internet speed guide.

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