The importance of testing your internet speed

Learn why you should test your internet speed.

An internet connection is one of the main components that keeps your business running. From maintaining relationships with your customers and employees to completing daily tasks, an internet connection is at the core of your business’s productivity. 

Since a WiFi connection is such a vital part of your business, ensuring it’s operating at its best is important. Testing your internet speed keeps tabs on your connection and identifies room for improvement, but getting started is challenging for some.

In this article we’ll go over frequently asked questions related to testing internet speed and provide our expert advice on the topic.

Why should I test my internet speed?

Expert advice: In short, testing your small business internet is important to identify problems and room for improvement, ensure your employees and customers have the support they need, and tell you if it’s time for an upgrade.

For example, if your network is prone to slow down at certain times of the day an internet speed test will give more insight as to why that may be. From there, you can decide whether your internet package needs to be upgraded or if it’s a matter of decreasing the amount of devices connected to your network.

What does an internet speed test show?

Expert advice: An internet speed test measures the approximate speed and quality of your connection to the internet. 

A speed tool uses multiple consecutive tests to analyze your internet connection, examining three factors, namely ping (internet latency), download speed, and upload speed.

What is the ideal internet speed for a small business?

Expert advice: What constitutes a “good WiFi speed” for your small business boils down to how you use the internet and the number of simultaneous connections you have.

A general rule of thumb is to keep internet speeds around 100Mbps at a minimum. From there, you can increase your internet speed if need be by upgrading your business internet package. 

Does CenturyLink offer an internet speed test?

Expert advice: CenturyLink Business offers a free internet speed test that gives you real-time feedback on your small business’s internet speed.

If you’re interested in seeing where your internet stands, feel free to complete our internet speed test here.

How CenturyLink Business can support

All in all, testing your internet speed on a regular basis can help set your business up for long-term success. Visit our business support page to explore other ways our CenturyLink Business experts can assist your organization.

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