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Here’s everything you need to know to pick the right internet speed for your small business.

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Finding the right internet speed for your business. 

A quick and reliable internet connection is an essential part of any business—but with so many plans to choose from, which one will best meet your business internet requirements? Below you can explore different business internet speeds, compare their prices, and learn how business internet is different from your residential internet.

What is business class internet? 

There are several differences to consider when comparing business vs residential internet connections. The cost of business internet can be a bit higher, but it usually includes exclusive features, dedicated customer service, and, of course, commercial internet speeds and more bandwidth.

What are upload and download speeds?

Internet plans are often defined by their upload and download speeds. The majority of internet browsing, music streaming, and online communication relies on your connection’s download speed. However, many business needs, such as sending large files to clients or backing up large amounts of important data, rely on upload speed. Business internet plans generally have upload speeds equal to their download speeds, while residential plans often have lower or more restricted upload speeds. 

How are internet speed and bandwidth related?

Internet speed and bandwidth are like two sides of the same coin. Internet speed is measured by how quickly data can be uploaded and downloaded, but bandwidth is a measurement of the total quantity of data that can be uploaded or downloaded in a certain amount of time. Reduced bandwidth can result in slower speeds, while more bandwidth keeps your speeds high. 

What factors affect internet speed and bandwidth? 

The number of devices using your internet connection, the type of work you’re using the internet for, and whether a device is using a wired connection or your business Wi-Fi can all impact your internet speed and bandwidth. More connected employees and data-intensive uploads and downloads will require faster speeds and more bandwidth to handle the load. 

What is a good internet speed for my business?

Your business internet speed requirements mainly depend on how you’ll be using your internet connection. The faster the connection, the more you can do with it. Use this chart to help you find the recommended internet speed for your small business. 

Internet download speed

40 Mbps

200 Mbps

500 Mbps

900 Mbps

General features

Internet browsing, email, office Wi-Fi

Streaming video, sharing large files, hosting multiple devices, video conferencing

Hosting ecommerce websites and multiple servers, backing up large amounts of data

Running multiple cloud-based applications and VoIP phone systems without interruption

As you can see, if your business only requires light internet browsing and communicating through email, you won’t need the same speeds as a business who maintains their own servers and has to send and receive large amounts of data throughout the day. 

The best internet plan for your business will be the one that helps you accomplish all your day-to-day tasks without slowing you down.

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How much bandwidth does your office really need?

Now that you know more about the best internet speed for your office, it’s time to consider your bandwidth. It’s not just how you use your connection that matters, but how many people will be using the connection at the same time. One employee on a video call may not require many Mbps, but if all your employees need to be on video calls at the same time, you need to multiply that Mbps requirement by the number of employees. Without enough bandwidth, your internet speeds will slow down dramatically.

If you want to keep your business internet fast, you’ll need to find out how it performs during peak usage times and see if you have the bandwidth to support your needs. You can do this by simply checking your internet speed while you’re working. 

Check your current business internet speed.

If you want an in-depth look at how well your internet connection performs, check your internet speed a few times throughout the day. Compare the difference in speed when there are many people connected and when no one is working. Make a note of which types of online activities you do the most and how those impact your speed.

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