How to reboot your CenturyLink Business Internet router

Learn how rebooting your CenturyLink Business Internet router can help your small business internet connection.

To ensure CenturyLink Business Internet customers get all they need out of their internet connection, we encourage our customers to do regular router maintenance.

Rebooting your router regularly helps to clear out the cache, refresh your devices, and keep your small business internet running smoothly. In this article, we’ll discuss common reasons you may need to reboot your router and several ways you can do so.


3 common reasons to reboot your router

Your router is overheating

Internet routers consist of processors, system memory, and transistors that operate by generating heat and need ventilation to dissipate that heat. Blocked ventilation can lead to equipment malfunctions and device failure over time.

Prevent overheating by setting your router up away from heat sources and rebooting it regularly.

There’s a conflict with your IP address

Each router has a specific public IP address assigned by an internet provider. A router also has a private IP address that interfaces with your devices and assigns individual IP addresses to each of them. An IP address conflict occurs when two devices have the same address.

Theoretically, this shouldn’t happen because the router assigns addresses based on each device’s wireless and wired networking hardware. But every now and then, conflicts can appear, especially if you assign a static IP address—one that never changes—to a device. Restart your router along with the devices with conflicting addresses to clear up this issue.

Your modem and router aren’t communicating

A modem acts as a translator taking signals from your internet provider and converting them into signals the router can understand and distribute. These two components are what maintain your WiFi connection.

Sometimes, these signals get misconstrued. Reboot your router and modem to clear up the confusion.

Reboot your Router

Option 1 (0:32): Manually reboot your router. To do so, unplug your router, wait one minute, and then plug it back in to reconnect.

Option 2 (0:53): Use the My CenturyLink app to reboot from anywhere with the touch of a button. You can also schedule regular reboots ahead of time.

Option 3 (1:10): Program an outlet timer to automatically reboot your router at a convenient time.

Option 4 (1:24): Connect a smart plug to your wireless network. This allows you to reboot your router remotely and set up a custom schedule for future reboots.


Q: Does CenturyLink Business Internet offer customer support?

A: Yes. CenturyLink Business does offer customer support for our small business internet customers. For general service questions, call 800-871-9244. For technical support, call 800-954-1211.

Q: Is resetting my router the same as rebooting it?

A: No. Resetting your router returns your router to its factory settings. Rebooting your router is simply a restart to help improve your connection.

Q: How often should I reboot my router?

A: It’s recommended that you reboot your router once a month.


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